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Lighter than you'd think,
easier to use than you'd expect

Easy to assemble.

Insert the lens.
Insert the smartphone.
Ready to go.

Ultra-light & Compact.

Even with a the lens attached it weights
as little as an AA battery
(about 0.8ounces/24g).
Take it anywhere you want with the
tiny 12cm egg casing.

One-size fits all.

The stretchy material fits
a variety of smartphone sizes.

This is your bridge
to virtual reality.

Use the smart-phone you already own and approach a virtual world
like you have never seen before.

How to use InstanTRIP PAD
*Pulling too strong may damage the tug. Handle it with care.

In case the picture is blurred or you see the scene double, check the following things:

  1. 1) Is the lens placed directly over the holes?
  2. 2) Is the smartphone’s center aligned to the V-shaped slit?
  3. 3) Is the smartphone too close or too far away from the lens?
    (The distance depends to the smartphone’s screen size)

Strongly Recommended

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